Novel use of ultrasound for breast imaging

A safe and comfortable technology that will enable caregivers to accurately detect breast cancer at an early and more treatable stage.

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We develop new acoustic sensing and imaging technologies.

Our Core Competences

SonoView is developing an advanced ultrasound imaging technology for early and more accurate detection of breast cancers.

Our technology provides images of multiple tissue parameters that should enable caregivers to accurately detect breast cancers at an earlier and more treatable stage.


  • Multi-modal screening with ultrasound medicine
  • Thermal therapy monitoring during HIFU and Cryosurgery
  • Ultrasound guided therapy
  • Temperature monitoring in heavy industry: furnaces, boilers
  • Industrial non-destructive testing

About us

Our focus is R&D aimed to design new acoustic systems or improve the performance of existing acoustic systems while lowering the price. It offers services to companies and research institutions involved in non-invasive sensing with sound and ultrasound.

Products and Services

SonoView’s products comprise Software that is sold or licensed to customers and Services (R&D and consulting).
In particular, we:
• license our technologies and adapt them to customer specific needs…


Jun 2015 – SonoView obtained a CTI grant for the development of its innovative breast imaging technology.

Mar 2015 – SonoView received a continued support from STI Foundation.

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